Statement Of Intelligentsia society Saptari             

 Statement Of Intelligentsia society Saptari             

This Society strongly condemns the arbitrary police-firing and their ruthless baton-charge, killing four protesters–Nageshwar Yadav, Birendra Ram, Shiv Shankar Das and Dilip Sah — and injuring seriously about five dozens in the night of Nov. 21, 2015 while thousands of agitators were staging peacefully a sit-down protest at various points of Bhardah, Sitapur,  Rupani, Vishanpur and Kadmaha of Saptari district on the eastern sector of the East-West Highway. For more than a hundred days, the Madhesis, the Tharus, the dalits and the Muslims have been carrying on a general strike in the Terai-Madhes to express their discontent with the discriminatory new constitution and to press for their political rights, paralysing the normal life of the country and undergoing a painful loss of about fifty human lves of the Terai-Madhes but the government has not addressed their peaceful agitation so far.

The Society feels compelled to criticise severely the atrocities committed by the security personnel with a view to crushing the peaceful, non-violent agitation under the instruction of the present government formed of men like Prime Minister K.P. Oli and Deputy Prime Minister C.P. Mainali, who happened to be indoctrinated in the ideology of the Indian Naxlite leaders, Charu Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal with genocide being the core of its policy, and men like Home Minister Shakti Basnet of UCPN, which caused seventeen thousand fatalities during the People’s War, and Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa, the former Home Minister under the direct rule of the former king Gyanendra, involved in crushing the Mass Movement of 2006.

The Society considers it highly objection able for the police to forcibly enter into the quarters of the doctors and the other staff members and severely baton-charge the medical men at Gajendra N. Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital at Rajbiraj on Nov. 22, 2015. Extending deep tribute to these four martyrs, the Society wishes for the quick recovery of the injured and asks the government to provide for their proper medical treatment.

The deprived Madhesis, dalits, Tharus and Muslims have been organizing peaceful, non-violent agitation as the new constitution does not ensure their due share/participation and representation in state-organs, besides the restrictions on other political rights but the tyrannical government is all bent on subduing them through excessive coercion, compelling the agitators to take recourse to violence and blaming squarely the so-called Indian design and defaming the friendly southern neighbour internationally only to sabotage the Terai-Madhes agitation. The Society, therefore, urges the world community to help bring to book the perpetrators of human rights violation during the agitation and ameliorate the conditions of the age-long oppressed groups by pressing the government not to resort to the use of force but to incorporate their political rights in the new constitution.

Further, the Society also appeals to the top-ranking leaders of the Tharu-Madhes-centric parties not to waste their time on pointless, lingering dialogue with the government but to come to the Terai-Madhes to concentrate on leading the Madhesi, Tharu, dalit and Muslim masses, who are shedding their blood for their rights, and to propel the peaceful agitation to decisive height.

(prof. Amar Kant Jha)



(Anil Kumar Anal)                                                                    ……………………..



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